Star Trek Beyond: A better sneak peak

Star Trek Beyond: A better sneak peak

The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond has premiered, and it’s a much better look at the film than the first one, which seemed indistinguishable from any number of bland, overdone action franchises.

This one adds a few hints of an actual story into the mix, though vague, as is expected. It’s still filled to the brim with action (this is a big-budget franchise tentpole, after all), but the new trailer seems to show there will be a little more than that.

And this time, no Beastie Boys.

Take a look:

You can read a very good breakdown of the trailer from The Guardian here.

Ear weirdness

Ear weirdness: Without warning Friday afternoon I started to have trouble hearing out of my left ear. I’m a little dizzy, and there’s a feeling of pressure, almost like when you have a bad cold and your ear gets clogged, but I can’t clear it. I can still hear out of it, but it sounds muffled like someone poured a lot of fluid in it. I called the doctor and he prescribed steroids (?) for the weekend, and then he’ll see me Monday morning. It hit suddenly this afternoon.

It’s the same side where they want to do an operation to fix a hole in my skull over my inner ear, but the doctor isn’t sure the two are related.

By the way, the name of my new band will be Ear Weirdness.

Prince on money

Prince on money

Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill is an awesome idea. But I think we should also make a new bill that’s worth $19.99, color it purple, and put Prince on it.

Odd dream

I had an odd dream last night.

Odd dreams don’t trouble me… I know they’re just your subconscious mind pretending to make sense out of random electrical impulses. We put way too much meaning into such things. But this one pushed me back a little.

I was in the ER with unbearable pain. The doctors made me wait for painkillers, but when they finally gave me some, they didn’t help. I was still screaming in agony.

Then my older brother – who’s been dead for some years – walked in. Lights reflected off his glasses, obscuring his eyes. He held up a hypodermic and said, “This will stop the pain, but it’ll also kill you. You want?”

I had started to nod my head yes when I woke up.

WATCH: The dad suit

Researchers have developed a special suit that simulates the effects of getting older.

Let’s call it the “dad suit.”

Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s call it the “me suit.”


That moment when you realize history doesn’t make any damn sense is when you stop trying to figure out how we got here from there, and instead just try to imagine how it must have been to be alive back then.

Aside from technology, was an average day for an average person in the Rome of 195 CE any different than it is for you? What did the air smell like? Did you have neighbors who were pains in the ass? Did an itch on the inside of your nose bug the hell out of you? Did you have trouble falling asleep?

Humanity may have come a long way, at least, when it comes to electricity, computers and coffee makers. Human beings, not so much.

Brain salad surgery

Brain salad surgery

Some brain surgery may be in my immediate future. Well, not so much brain, but cranial surgery.

I have something called superior semicircular canal dehiscence. There’s a part of the skull that’s supposed to be between my inner ear and my brain… On the left side, it’s gone, and on the right side, it’s almost gone.

One of the treatments is cranial surgery, and a surgeon gets to squish my brains around so he can get to the problem and fix it. The doctor is looking into some new, less-invasive procedures.

Apparently I may have had this problem for many years but have only had symptoms recently. And it’s in both ears, not just the one that was bothering me.

For weeks, it felt like there was something in my left ear. When I tilted my head forward or to the left, the ear would “close,” and it would sound like I was under water. I could hear my jaw moving, my heart beating, and everything echoed. Tilting my head back or to the right would “fix” it.

It’s just an annoyance right now, but for some people they can’t seem to live with it.

The interesting thing the specialist told me is that the procedure to correct it may, in fact, relieve some, not all, of my tinnitus symptoms. That, in itself, would be worth it.