The Simpsons in Lego

I still love the Simpsons, even though the last few years the show hasn’t done anything that stood out in my mind. But what do you expect from a cartoon that’s been on for decades?

I’ve found myself more often than not just watching it for the couch gag, and then catching up on emails and texts while the episode played.

But there’s a Simpsons surprise in store… an episode set in the world of Lego! We’ll see a Lego version of Homer trapped in a universe of Lego.

The Lego episode is set to air May 4th. Perhaps this has something to do with the most recent Lego movie making lots of cash… but on the other hand this just sounds like fun.

Get more details about the special Lego outing from Entertainment Weekly here.


Orson & Rob

Dreams are just your barely-awake brain trying to make sense out of random electrical impulses, but often it takes its cues from things you’ve got on your mind.

Last night I had a dream similar to one I’ve had several times over the last couple of months.
I’m traveling somewhere, sometimes in a car, sometimes on a bike. I’ve stopped somewhere — I kind of know where I am, but I’m a little turned around and I’m in the process of checking maps or getting directions, which seems to never get accomplished.

But my dog Orson is with me — who died nearly 5 years ago. The dream concerns me having to keep track of him and make sure he’s safe, which is making it harder to figure out how to get where I’m going, but I’m more worried about his well-being than my travel arrangements. (A couple of times in the dream it’s my cat, the late great Cecil. One time it was both of them.)

So that’s what’s cooking in my subconscious brain kitchen.

Newman isn’t dead

Wayne Knight, the guy who played Newman on Seinfeld, has been the victim of an Internet death hoax. Websites made up to look like TMZ and Us magazine reported earlier this morning that Knight had been killed in a traffic accident, but it’s not true. Knight is alive and well and tweeting away.

Yes fans: read this before you buy the new box set

Yes fans — here’s what you need to know before you buy The Studio Albums 1969-1987 box set.

With one exception, these are the Rhino 2003-2004 remastered/expanded editions. So if you bought those, you already have the albums and bonus tracks.

The one exception is 1987′s Big Generator album, where Rhino inexplicably stopped when releasing their remasters. Fans had been waiting for this one, but it didn’t get the remastering/expanding treatment until 2009, and then it was available only as an import. So this is the ONE “new” item available in the box set. The bonus tracks here are just single edits and dance remixes.

The other “plus” (if you want to call it that) is that the original album covers are faithfully replicated, front and back, even in gate-fold form. The only problem is that the inner sleeves are not included, and it almost seems they should have been — because the covers are loose and the CDs fall right out. It seems to me that maybe there was a plan to store the CDs inside inner sleeve replicas, but it was scrapped to save money at the last minute. It’s very annoying.

Bottom line: the only reason to buy the box set is if you really want to spend the money to finally own a good-sounding copy of Big Generator, whose early CD releases were very lacking in the sound quality department. That album finally sounds the way it was supposed to sound.

Here comes the rain again

Here comes the rain in SoCal and everyone’s talking about it – it’s a “storm,” the “rainpocalypse,” an excuse to stay home because freeway denizens don’t know how to drive when the road is wet.

When I grew up in south Florida, a “rain storm” was when you couldn’t see the hood of your car, so instead of going 80 on the Interstate, you went 70 because you figured everyone else had pulled off the side of the road.

No, I am not exaggerating. Those summer thunderstorms in Florida were a daily occurrence in the hot season, and during the big downpours you really couldn’t see the end of your car hood.

Thoughts on Brewer’s veto of SB1062

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the so-called “religious freedom” bill that would have, in effect, legalized discrimination. The bill was prompted, in part, by some business owners who did not want to serve gay customers.

She had been facing enormous opposition over SB1062, some of it coming from Republicans, certainly from Democrats, and a lot of it from big business. Also, she can see that in state after state gay marriage bans are being struck down by judges who were appointed by both Democrats and Republicans. The tide of history is moving toward national recognition of gay marriage, and to try and swim against that tide was going to be enormously expensive and ultimately unsuccessful. There would have been boycotts, court challenges, and lots of bad will generated for Arizona.

This is one of those cases where it was the right decision for financial as well as moral reasons.

The spirit of radio

I started in radio when I was still in high school. Someone asked me today why I’ve been doing it for so long — from being a music DJ, to being a programmer, to creating formats, being a news anchor, being a host… the simple answer is love. I love talking. I love talking on the air. Everything else is just details. It all boils down to a microphone, a pair of headphones and a transmitter (or a web server). The rest is window dressing.

My first radio gig - WSWN-FM Belle Glade, FL